Thursday, September 23, 2010

A new season

It's Fall and everything continues to be beautiful, as always.

I got two gourds at this pumpkin stand for $0.50 each.

They were selling huge, overripe summer squash for the same price, and I wondered, "What purpose could this serve?" I expect that it would go rotten very quickly, and already be too far gone to be eaten. The salesman didn't seem to be any more optimistic about them being worth buying than I was, so neither of us bought them.

View from route 106

I have a bunch of new jewelry to post! Just you wait!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pets on furniture

My sister Melissa just sent me a link to the blog Desire to Inspire, which has a (long!) weekly (!) "pets on furniture" post. I love this!

Here is my contribution to this "pets on furniture" movement, taken yesterday, at my friend Kyle's house:

Little Man on Kyle's vintage couch

When I take photos of my pets, I say to myself, "I am so corny for doing this. No one would ever be interested in seeing these pictures." But maybe that is not so! I have found that I'm surprisingly interested in looking at pictures of strangers' pets.


I also have to share with you a fantastic video of an experiment Ikea did, in which they let a hundred cats into one of their stores.

Watch it here.

If nothing else, you have to watch the part at 3:27. But seriously, watch the whole thing. (I also found this on Desire to Inspire.)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Lantern parade

The other day (August 27th), Easton's first annual lantern parade, organized by my friend Christine, took place. There were tons of people! I, arriving late and alone, ran after the parade and finally caught up to everyone at the library (the destination), where there was lemonade, cookies, a choir, and a children's entertainer/singer. It didn't get dark until the end of the singer's performance, so the parade part wasn't as glowy as expected.

                              My lantern                                                    Christine's husband Brian with their neighbor