About this blog

This blog covers basically all topics that I find interesting. This includes:

Reducing waste
Making things (especially upcyling)
Conscious consuming
Social justice
Ethical and healthy eating (especially vegetarianism and raw foods)
Art (especially graphic design and photography)
Alternative lifestyle choices
Fostering community

I try to make sure that every post has at least a little "real content." In the early days of this blog, I was once affectionately criticized for posting "a bunch of pictures of [my] bedroom," (see my first few posts) which lead me to realize that I would like to write about things that I think are important.

About me

I like being free to decide what to do with my life.

Some things I often like to do are:

Become acquainted with new places (cities, states, grassy areas, interesting businesses, houses, apartments, etc.)
Talk to new people
Try out challenges (i.e. stop using electricity, stop eating cooked foods, stop using a car as my main form of transportation, stop being afraid of bugs, get rid of things I don't need)
Read aloud and be read to
Throw parties and events

I live in Boston, Massachusetts and do community organizing around sexual diversity.

I love to make and design things. Almost everything I make is made mostly from repurposed materials.

Some things I make are:

Journals (using old notebook paper)
Cards (using old magazine pictures)
Zines (independently published booklets)
Sewn crafts (using fabric from imperfect or unwanted clothing, sheets, etc.)
Store displays

Some of my goals are:

To rethink conventional ways of buying and owning, with a preference for making, reusing, buying used, and voluntarily doing without
To explore design, focusing on utility, simplicity, and comfort
To challenge the rules and formalities of eating, presenting oneself, caring for one's body, having fun, decorating, socializing, advertising, etc.