Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Brightening my bedroom

I've recently been redoing my bedroom. It used to have bright orange walls and lots of posters and clutter. So I painted it very light coral and got rid of most of my stuff. 

I made these pillows out of pillowcases from a thrift shop, just by sewing up the open end and stuffing them. I have a bunch more pillowcases (and a fitted sheet) that I haven't made into pillows yet, but my bed is getting pretty full, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them.

I'm thinking about getting a shorter, wider night table, painting it white, and making a collage/quilt on the top, similar to this closet door from Nest Decorating:


My bedding was inspired by these pictures from Better Homes and Gardens:

Over my dresser, I hung a piece of twine, held up by a push pin on either end, to clip papers/pictures/etc. onto. I think I got the idea from Pottery Barn. I love how useful and changeable it is.

I found this blue fabric and one white curtain panel at a local thrift shop. I cut the fabric in half, trimmed the sides, sewed the scraps I had trimmed off into loops on the top to hang it on the rod. Then I cut the white curtain panel in half, and overlapped it with the blue fabric while putting them onto the rod. I tied them back with some extra fabric I had from one of the pillowcases.

For the candle holder, I tied twine around the necks of some vases I found around the house and looped it over the curtain rod. Inside I put some glass stones and a tea light. I love the contrast between the orangey-red and the aqua.

A while ago I made this mobile/chandeleir from two mini wreaths I found on the side of the road, some twine from the dollar store (which I use for everything), and some plants. Some of the flowers broke off when I moved it, which can easily be fixed, but I'd had it in my room for a while, and would like to give it to someone else now. Let me know if you're interested.

Also pictured is an earring I made recently.


  1. you are so damn creative! i can barely believe how beautiful your room looks. the candle holders are my favorite! omg

  2. ... and your tomato has grown so big!