Sunday, May 22, 2011

The silent meow

I was at the library the other day when my friend showed me this page in a book about cats. It was in a list of all the different noises cats make.

My cat Abigail does this all of the time, but I never realized it was intentional. Like the author of this book, I find it adorable and endearing.

Abigail on my bed
Other endearing things cats I know do:
-Wink a lot
-Meow like, "Eh eh eh" when they see birds
-Knock things off from tables on purpose
-Be really soft
-Stretch dramatically & roll around seductively
-Lick each other and small dogs and people
-Play with string
-Chase laser pointer lights
-Excitedly watch animals out the window

 Credits: Abigail, Little Man, & Simon for contributing to this list

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

DivaCup on sale

Apparently May is "DivaCup Month" at, so the DivaCup is 20% off. I really think this is worth it, since I love the DivaCup (remember?), but it's usually $40 so you'll be saving a whole $8.

By the way, I bought the Wysi Wipes as an extra because they seemed exciting, but I've found them to be pretty unnecessary, so I don't recommend them.