Thursday, November 27, 2014

Collages: Mail Art and Collaged Binder

Collaged envelope

I used to have an aversion to using binders, so I collaged this one to avoid hating it.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Collage Birthday Present: It's Your Day

Yay birthday presents!

It's Your Day collage birthday card

Fall Festivities

It is now November--fall--and I am scrounging up reasons to be enthused despite the onset of cold weather and, worse, the apprehension of winter. It's time to indulge in photos of cozy, earthy decor and comfort food recipes.

[are so charming they get their own section]
Felt acorn flowers!
(from Fairyfolk on Etsy)
Acorn napkin ties
(from Martha Stewart, sorry)

Table settings

A recent Family Dinner Day at my house
The table settings I made last year. Looking at this now, I'm feeling that the wooden place mat might be a little too summery. Thoughts?
Extremely easy wooden bead napkin rings I made two years ago.
Just put beads on wire and wrap into circle.

Easy DIY napkin rings I might make this year. (Just put beads on wire and coil.)
(from Brittanysbest on Etsy)

These could be made pretty easily out of fake leaves and wire.
(from WelcomesbyPJ on Etsy)


This yarn wreath would probably take forever to make, but I love it.
(from SisterlyDesigns on Etsy)

This yarn wreath would also probably take forever to make.
(from TheBakersDaughter on Etsy)